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Otomedius G

version: jp, w/ hori stick - year: 2008 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: xbox360, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find


The arcade stick is huge, and the build quality is great. It only has 4 buttons though. Comes also with six badges representing each character and a dlc card.


Otomedius does not support wide screen, but in turn, the touch feature is supported.


Levels in Otomedius are almost identical to the ones in Otomedius G, although characters cameo appearances from older konami shooters and other details are missing


Some levels take you back in firm Konami shooting territory. It was a long wait since their last shooter hit the coin op scene.


Genesis 1: 1-2 - "In principio creavit Deus cælum et terram.Terra autem erat inanis et vacua, et tenebræ erant super faciem abyssi: et spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas."


Otomedius G has full wide-screen support


...but unfortunately, no touch support.



The Mermaid boss from Parodius as well as Elaine from Xexex make a cameo appearance in Otomedius G

Review - Otemedius G for the Xbox actually also includes Otomedius, which is basically the game that came out into the arcades and that included a touch screen.

To reproduce this functionality at home, a huge and very heavy arcade stick was commissioned to Hori. The stick includes a touch-pad (similar to a pc touch-pad) to recreate the feel of the arcade game.

So what is this feature exactly for? First of all, it should be said that it is really used only in Otomedius and not in the Otomedius G revision. The touch-pad is basically used to actually aim your smart bombs onto bosses weak spots. Keep the smart bomb button pressed and a circle will appear. Fill the meter inside the circle and unleash your attack. You'll be able to direct a target anywhere on the screen for a few seconds. Tap fire as many times as you can when you locked onto your target and if done correctly, you should be able to inflict much greater damage than by just releasing the smart bomb.

The touch-pad can also be used to unlock certain obscure and dare I say pervert achievements. For example, if you tap repeatedly onto the touch pad aiming at some of the characters boobs (in the Select Menu), you unlock achievements...I do not kid you!

And basically that's it...So if you don't get yourself this wonderful piece of equipment, you won't suffer a great loss of functionality to be honest.

Moving on onto the actual games now, Otomedius is a parody or rather a tribute to the history of Konami shooters, from Gradius to Xexex and to Parodius itself! Otomedius gameplay is all centered on character development, which you can achieve by unlocking different weapons and "weapons paths" which can then be selected in game, Gradius-style.

You can select which level to play from a world globe, and if you succeed in getting a good grade, you should accumulate XP points and unlock different difficulty settings for each of the levels.

Otomedius G includes wide-screen support but lacks the touch-pad functionality. It also includes the same levels of Otomedius plus a couple of extra ones, as well as added intro and ending sequences, in Latin!

About the music, there are full songs with Japanese vocals which I found a bit irritating as this is not the kind of music I enjoy in a shooter.

Another thing that left me a bit cold is the fact that all menus are strictly in Japanese, and it can become a bit annoying to navigate through several different menus before getting to the actual game. There should be a boss-rush mode buried somewhere in the menus but...I could not find it!!

Bottom line: I think that Otemedius and Otomedius G are really only aimed at Konami's fans. Aesthetically, they look like sanitized PC ports and gameplay-wise, they simply do not have the quality of Cave's latest productions. 7/10










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