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Ginga Force

version: jp, first print w/ost - year: 2013 - developer: qute - publisher: qute - format: xbox 360, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - Developed by the same company that brought us Eschatos, Ginga Force feels like some kind of improved spiritual sequel of that game, retaining the challenging difficulty and providing refined gameplay mechanics.

In Ginga Force, the ship customization aspect plays a central role since you'll be required to beat as many levels as you can on easy/normal and hard mode in order to accumulate the necessary credits to buy ship's upgrades. These include additions to the main and secondary weapon, the engine (more speed), and additional systems (extras) and color themes for the ship.

Interestingly, if a saved game from Eschatos is detected on the hard drive, it will become possible to select the weapons from the ship in Eschatos for zero credits...I thought this was great fan service!

Ginga Force clearly wants the player to beat the game on easy mode, buy decent firepower and then go again through it for normal mode (real ending).

This gradual approach at difficulty is a clever system to make the experience more accessible.

About the visuals, they are crisp and simple with the addition of 3D camera work which is spectacular but a bit confusing at first.

Bottom line: All in all, Ginga Force is a great little shooter in its own right, worth getting into. 8/10










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