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Gears of War 2

version: pal (uk), limited edition - year: 2008 - developer: epic - publisher: microsoft - format: xbox360, dvd - condition: near mint - rarity: common

The UK version is region free and was played on an Asian Xbox360. The limited edition includes an Artbook, a bonus DVD(viewable only on an Xbox360 for some idiotic reason), Dom & Maria photo, a steel-case and a gold-plated Lancer DLC code


The Hammer of Dawn returns for this sequel. Use the laser sight to designate your target while a satellite weapon fires hell from above! You can only use it in open air though, so don't get too excited...


The Leviathan boss is one of the most inspired in the game, as you'll end up spending most of the boss fight right inside his mouth, but let me tell you, he doesn't brush his teeth much


Inside the Riftworm...


Sightseeing on the back of a Brumak. A door prevents you from moving forward, time to knock real hard!

Review - Gears of War 2 (GoW2) was released two years after Gears of War (GoW) although Epic managed to improve the graphics so much that you’ll be wondering if GoW2 runs on the same hardware than GoW.

This is no exaggeration: everything from the character models to the details in the backgrounds, the color palette and the sheer amount of things happening on the screen at once has been exponentially improved.

Also, gone is the depressing and almost monochromatic color palette of the original GoW. You'll be treated with beautiful vistas and more varied settings which will also mix up the pace of the action as the story will develop throwing you in the most spectacular and unlikely situations to deal with.

For example, one memorable scene will see you swallowed whole along with your team inside a giant worm...

Gears of Wars 2 outstanding graphics have also been complemented with an excellent soundtrack (although this time it is slightly inferior to the first game) and improved characters acting which really will make a difference.

The awesome mix of gruesome violence and humor is also back from GoW, and it has actually been expanded here.

GoW2 actually feels a lot less bleak than the original game for a couple of reasons:

- the colors are more diverse and vibrant so the setting doesn't look as depressing

- the horror theme everpresent in the first game has basically been dropped all together here.

New enemies are introduced with a bang but the feeling of playing a SCI-FI all-action Resident Evil game has completely vanished here.

GoW2 overhauls the formula of GoW and gives it finally justice by conveying with complete clarity what the developers set out to do when developing the original Gears of War.

For all of its spectacular graphics and bombastic action scenes, GoW2 lost a bit of the atmosphere which characterized GoW but that may have been a necessary tradeoff to turn the franchise into one of the biggest blockbusters of this decade.

Bottom line: A killer application exclusive to the X-Box and a defining gaming moment in this generation of consoles. 10/10










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