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Gears of War

version: pal (uk), limited collector's edition - year: 2006 - developer: epic - publisher: microsoft - format: xbox360, dvd - condition: good - rarity: uncommon

The UK version is region free and was played on an Asian Xbox360. This edition includes a transparent outer-sleeve, a Steel Case, an Artbook and a bonus DVD with the Making-Of the game.


A tight little group of military bad-asses, each with its own distinct personality. There's also the equivalent of RD-D2, an android helper called Jack but he is shy so he isn't in the picture.


The team-mates A.I. works surprisingly well


Influences from survival horror games such as Resident Evil can be spotted in GoW


The lancer is a versatile weapon which works well in any situation


The Berserker is one of the most terrifying enemies in the game, he is blind but can either hear you or smell you, so don't fart ;)


The RAAM is the toughest enemy in the Gears of War trilogy but he is also very fun to battle

Review - When initially released, Gears of War felt like a different breed of military shooter.

The tactical cover-based shooting action gave the player plenty of opportunities to get close and personal against enemies, dismembering them almost limb by limb with the aid of some gruesome weaponry.

This was war shown under a different perspective at least in a videogame and the over-the-shoulder camera surely played a huge part in that.

Also, when sprinting, the view surprisingly shifted even lower and the virtual camera capturing the action on screen would shake, bringing to mind footages of embedded journalists at war.

Gears of War own blend of horror, sci-fi and modern warfare scenarios characterized by an oppressive color palette of different shades of grey and brown made the red splashes of blood on the screen even more impactful.

Gears of War bleak world is the canvas and the iconic lancer assault rifle, gun and chainsaw fused together, is your brush to paint your vision of death and destruction, in blood.

The violence, the horror and the dilapidated, grim setting would normally end up as being very heavy but Epic was able to create a decent cast of characters which despite their huge limbs and crazy proportions, they are brutes with a sense of humor which pervades all of the dialogues. This element alone allows the game to be a lot more light-hearted which in my opinion, elevates the experience making it more bearable to deal with an otherwise very pessimistic view of humankind.

The graphics are surely well done considering how early in the XBox life Gears of War was released.

The switch from in game graphics to cut-scenes is smooth and there is actually no difference between the two, which is great because you never feel cut-off from the action.

The amount of graphical effects on display is also impressive, with smoke, transparencies, and all kinds of other effects overhauling the action on screen.

A more colorful palette would have been appreciated though as well as some more detail in the background graphics which sometimes tend to look edgy or devoid of detail compared to more modern productions.

The cover system is very easy to use and more importantly, it is also very fun.

The symphonic music performed by a live orchestra is simply outstanding and gives to the game the same level of quality of a Hollywood blockbuster, as is helps setting the pace while also transmitting an awesome sense of epicness to the story.

Gameplay is tightly focused on shooting, although the action often switches to vehicle sections or stealth segments to break up the pace, where shooting by itself just won't work.

In one level, you'll be required to avoid darkness at all costs. Step in the darfor too long and horrible flying creatures will just eat your flesh to the bone in a scene reminiscent of the movie Pitch Black!

Bottom line: In the end, Gears of War offers a short but exciting single player campaign which is still worth going through even today. 8/10










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