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version: jp - year: 2011 - developer: qute - publisher: qute - format: xbox360, dvd - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

Eschatos production values are similar to Trizeal in more than a way. It is an Xbox360 exclusive and it is region free.

Review - Meaning “last” or “extreme” in Greek, Eschatos is a very interesting shooter from the makers of Judgment Silversword and is so far exclusive to theXbox360.

Graphically rather basic, with simple textures and enemy design, Eschatos visuals look low budget for sure but they still manage to look very crisp and more importantly, everything runs silky smooth.

The UFO theme in the first level is actually a nice idea which feels decidedly retro, as does the excellent soundtrack and the gameplay.

And talking about gameplay, that’s precisely where this game actually shines, since it offers three distinct playing modes which are all worth digging into as they offer interesting variations on the scoring system, the weapons upgrade and the time you need to finish a level.

Of course, based on the amount of playing-time and on the progress achieved, you get to unlock continues, extra lives and difficulty settings as well as graphical effects (like smoke effects, particles etc) which you can then decide to turn on or off.

Maybe one of the most interesting parts of this game is the online leaderboard which is always a welcome feature in modern-days shooters.

Of course, the generous inclusion of Judgment Silversword Rebirth Edition and Cardinal Sins also represent a definite plus for any dedicated 2D shmupper as these games were only ever released on Bandai’s Wonderswan Color handheld, the first as a proper cartridge release and the second as a freeware.

Bottom line: A good package with simple graphics yet solid gameplay. To its advantage, Eschatos doesn't feel or play like a Cave shooter. Instead, it tries and succeeds to bring something different. Eschatos feels fresh and unique in the crowded bullet-hell arena. 8/10










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