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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

version: pal (uk) - year: 2011 - developer: infinity ward, sledgehammer games - publisher: activision - format: xbox 360, dvd - condition: near mint - rarity: common

So far, Modern Warfare 3 is the best selling game in the franchise, having recently taken over sales of Black Ops.


Some levels look astonishingly good but you have no freedom to go anywhere


This could be lifted from a James Bond movie


The battleground will shift to many European cities


and you'll even get to see the Eiffel Tower collapse in case you're interested


A memorable shootout inside a disintegrating airplane...


...another one inside a subway!


Review - The single player campaign of Modern Warfare 3 is probably the better looking one of the trilogy, but also the flatter one in terms gameplay excitement simply because we basically have already seen it all before.

Paradoxically, the simplistic plot comes out as confusing and borderline boring but at least you’ll go through some truly fun and spectacular action sequences which will just fade away though as soon as you'll turn off the power of your X-Box.

In about 6 hours, you'll be done with the singleplayer and unless you are an XBox Live Gold subscriber (which I am currently not), you'll be left with nothing but faded memories of a short, nonsensical but somewhat fun rollercoaster ride.

Bottom line: Call of Duty looks better with every new outing although the singleplayer campaign is starting to stagnate. 8,5/10










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