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Call of Duty Black Ops

version: usa - year: 2010 - developer: treyarch - publisher: activision - format: xbox360, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common

Sequel of Call of Duty World at War, the US version is region free and was played on an asian console.


The character models are very well done and animated


The Cuba setting is bright and chaotic


Some scenes are reminiscent of Apocalypse Now


...or of other less known 'nam movies like the The Deer Hunter


with Robert De Niro!


At one point, you'll take control of a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Review - Black Ops is a sequel to Call of Duty World at War and it was developed by the same developers, Treyarch.

Black Ops refines one step further the Call of Duty experience by providing a single player campaign packed with adrenaline-pumping action set mainly during the cold war.

Graphically, Black Ops ups the bar once more in the FPS genre.

Amazingly detailed character models, convincing facial and body animations, distinct attack and defense patterns of enemies and allies, super smooth vehicles sections and highly cinematic scripted events will convey the same energy of a power punch right into your chest!

The relentless screaming of soldiers, the constant barking of orders against the background of firearms shooting can become irritating though as the game never really pauses to allow you to even appreciate the detail of a chicken running around, or of fish swimming in a (destructible) fish-tank.

The constant bombardment of inputs which then end up being most of the time scripted events limits the freedom to sit back for second and enjoy the moment. Of course, this is completely intentional, after all, nobody has time for sightseeing when under fire...

The quality of the acting and the music is rather high although I have one major complaint: Steiner, one of the Nazis in the game was dubbed by a French trying to pull off a German accent in English and it just sucks. This kind of detail destroyed a bit the ability to get the game to involve me more deeply into the chaotic plot but I guess that would be neat-picking now, right?

Gameplay is your standard Call of Duty deal. You can carry a maximum of two weapons plus grenades and you have regenerating health.

On standard difficulty, the game is well balanced and is not too easy nor too challenging, so that is to be appreciated.

Bottom line: In the end, Black Ops is a fun Roller Coaster ride, refined to the extreme and enjoyable from start to finish. More freedom in the almost on-rail shooting action would probably be welcome at some point though. 9/10










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