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version: jp, limited edition - year: 2013 - developer: moss - publisher: moss - format: xbox 360,dvd - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The limited edition comes with the OST and a hard-cover artbook


The Artbook includes quality color artwork

Review - Named after the curative bird in Roman Mythology which had the power to take onto himself the sickness of others and fly away, Caladrius the game is a vertical shooter initially only released on X-Box 360.

Developed by Moss, the team behind Raiden IV, Caladrius can count on sharp hi-res graphics coupled with simple backgrounds, nicely designed bosses and a gothic flair.

With 5 stages (and a 6th unlockable) together with 3 different ships (and Caladrius itself unlockable as a 4th ), there is plenty of fine old school shooting action to be had here.

Elemental secondary weapons look really cool too and provide extra firepower which is very much needed to clear bosses fast. The meter of each secondary weapon depletes upon usage and replenishes itself when weapons are not in use.

Also, purple shards must be collected to get extra lives while you also get 1 smart bomb per life which will make your life easier, so use it!

All in all, the great gothic theme of this game coupled with the colorful bullet patterns and the smooth gameplay make Caladrius a welcome addition to the X-Box 360 shooters library.

Bottom line: A keeper. 8/10










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