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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

version: usa - year: 2002 - developer: ubisoft montreal - publisher: ubisoft - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: common


















Review - "If you hit a snake and don't kill it, you'll be sorry later on". Chinese Proverb.

Ubi Soft's Splinter Cell is a stealth-based action game with very high production value.

In some way, the game reminded me of Metal Gear Solid 2 even if Splinter Cell pushes the stealth concept even further.

Graphically, Ubi Soft did an excellent job both for the environments and the characters animations. Locations are always very realistic and some of the vistas are just amazing while there are plenty of minor details that really do enhance the experience. Some examples? Idle PCs in the offices run screensavers, fish-tanks can be destroyed, objects can be picked up and thrown to alert guards etc...The attention to detail is staggering!

On the music and sound-effects side, everything suits perfectly the game. In particular, voice acting is top-notch. It is rare to see this kind of quality in a videogame and I am sure looking forward to see more games with such quality acting! Dialogues often contribute to rise the degree of realism of the situations you will be facing. At one point in the game, you will have to hang over a ledge and make your way to the kitchen through a window. Upon your arrival, you will have just the time to sneak in and find a temporary hiding spot because a guard will get in and will start asking the cooks about their presence in there. The kitchen should have been supposedly closed by that time, but the cooks reply that they are taking care of a special order for General such and such, so the guard just decides to spit into the food that's being cooked while the cooks approve it! I guess the general really ins't very popular among his entourage :)

As of gameplay, expect to sneak in the shadows (and if there aren't any, shoot the lights!), timing your advances on the patrols patterns while being extra-careful not to walk on noisy floors and hoping that roaming dogs won't pick up your scent and alert the guards! This is the kind of sticky situation that you will quickly learn to deal with. All buttons have some kind of use but everything will become second nature after a couple of tries.

Thankfully, Splinter Cell is very easy to pick up and very hard to put down. It's one of those games that once you start, you will play until you see the end of it!

Bottom line: the game that finally brought stealth action to the masses and with a bang! 9/10










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