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Shikigami No Shiro Evolution (Crimson)

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: alfa system - publisher: mediaquest - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon




























Review - Shikimami Evolution comes in 2 versions: Blue with the male characters and Red or Crimson with the female characters on the cover.

Apparently, only 10 000 copies were printed of both versions. It must be noted that Shikigami Evo is basically the same as regular Shikigami, but it features some minor extras such an additional game mode that is actually kind of useless and an extra PC cd-rom that contains miscellaneous artwork from the characters. Unfortunately, even if the extra CD is well done, all of the artwork was previously released in the art booklet of the 1st print of regular Shikigami.

While surfing the net, I found out some disturbing information on how some genuinely good Japanese 2d shooters were localized for the US market. The burden of such knowledge almost overwhelmed me so I decided I had to share it...

Curious Monstrosities - If you thought that horrible western artwork created to replace japanese artwork was a thing of the past, unfortunately you will be proved wrong.

Here's why:

Gunbird was released in the US on PSOne horribly mutilated and disfigured. Not only cut-scenes have been cut out, but the cover art has been replaced with this abomination...As if this wasn't enough, the same thing happened on PS2 but with another 2D shooter...Shikigami No shiro!
So basically we have two different games from two different series that have been forced into a new, 'cutting edge' series called Mobile Light Force. And of course the cover art of these two games is identical to save on expenses and add some confusion.

Lesson learned? Traditional 2D shooters should never ever be localized under any circumstances. When it comes to shooters, let's stick to Japanese imports!

Bottom line: If you already played the first print, you don't really need to get this one also unless you are a collector....7/10










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