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Ninja Gaiden

version: jpp, 1st print w/ extras - year: 2004 - developer: team ninja - publisher: tecmo - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: slight


Bosses are genuinely terrifying


The Japanese 1st print comes with a book (mainly DOA art) and with Ayame's figure


Hot or not? I'd say definitely hot!
















Review - Ninja Gaiden doesn't have EASY mode.

If you want to play the game through to the end, you better be prepared to die quiet a few times in the long and perilous quest that awaits you.

You'll be in control of Ryu Ayabusa back from DOA3 (along with Ayane in non playable form). Team Ninja resurrected Ninja Gaiden's trilogy with a game that features extremely high production values.

Graphically, Ryu's animations are smooth and convincing as he performs spectacular acrobatics like wall-running or the deadly sparrow attack. The backgrounds are impressive both for the pure scale and the details of the textures.

Ninja Gaiden's levels play like one big area that can gradually be accessed by collecting keys and items that unlock doors or gates. This is a very cool thing because it gives to the different levels you visit a sense of continuity that would be otherwise lacking. Unfortunately, not all areas have the same graphical impact. Some will be totally breath-taking while others will be fine but not up to the same level as the rest of the game. It must be said though that some graphical effects are very impressive and seem to make a great use of the XBOX raw power. For example, at one point in the game, you will have to cross a bridge covered with twisted roots that look devilish. When running over it, the camera will start rotating around the bridge while you'll be running upside down! Not many games can actually boost such impressive graphics!

As of the CGI, it achieves unprecedented highs of quality and Team Ninja was kind enough to include a "movie theater" option once you beat the game…CGI like the ones in Ninja Gaiden deserve to be watched over and over again because of the undisputed artistic touch that animates them. It is fine artistry we are talking about here!

The music and sound-effects are among the best that I have ever heard on the XBOX. Not only they fit the action perfectly, but they also enhance the overall experience.

Dialogues are in English and they are generally well done.

Game-play is where things can get a bit touchy. Ninja Gaiden is hard. Do not expect any mercy from bosses even in the early stages. Boss fights are generally pretty difficult and can become quickly overwhelming if you don't have enough potions to heal up in your inventory. Also, casual enemies can often be pretty difficult so if necessary, at times it could be wiser to just…RUN! For this reason, I suggest being very careful when playing NG. Use save points often, stock up on potions, upgrade your weapons quickly and try to collect as many souls as you can (they equal money) since souls will be your only source of income!

Ninja Gaiden is a long and difficult quest (it took me about 28 hrs to complete it!) but it is certainly worth the pain. Even if you are not a Ninja fanatic, you should give this one a try. To understand the story, it is not even needed to have played any of the previous games (that are anyway unlockable on 2nd play).

On a side note, I would like to point out that the game can be pretty gory since it features great amounts of blood and decapitations. I personally didn't think it was disturbing not even for a second! The blood isn't excessive and doesn't distract so it is fine with me.As of Rachel, the accompanying character in the story, she must be the bustiest videogame character ever putting even Lara Croft to shame. She certainly looks hot, not doubt about that but she is always half naked through out the game, wearing an S&M outfit that doesn't really seem to serve a purpose (other than that of arouse the player!) Team Ninja certainly could have avoided to slam her breast all the time in the player's face but hey, she is damn hot anyway :)

Bottom line: probably the best action game on the xbox....9/10










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