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Kakuto Chojin

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: dream publishing - publisher: microsoft games studios - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Tweaked compared to the US release.


S&M outfit?


What is Lara Croft doing in here?!


And this is Jin's french cousin..


Asad, the muslim character


...and Bruce Lee's clone


Vegard, the norwegian character has somewhat of an Aryan attitude: "Don't you dare touch me".


The last boss...a sexy she-devil!

Review - "Beating me is against God's will." Asad

An obscure 3D fighting game developed by some ex-Tekken staff which didn't do very well and which would be completely forgotten if it wasn't for the fact that it was recalled from shops because the background music of Asad (character from Somalia ) included chanted verses from the Koran. Asad was even slapped on the US cover of the game itself, so the whole situation proved an embarassement for Microsoft which never reprinted the game after withdrawing it from the shelves. This specific version reviewed has the reworked background music and in all truth, it sounds better than the uncensored chants, although words have been rendered completely unintelligible (not a huge difference if you can't understand Arabic!).

The Japanese version was released a few months after the US version, and it was apparently tweaked a bit. Kakuto Chojin has been widely criticized for its lacking combo system although to be honest, combo chains do exist although they aren't the easiest thing to pull off. I actually enjoyed playing this game, as I found the graphics to be still very impressive considering it's a 2002-03 release!

Character animations are very well done, with solid polygonal models, good detail in their outfits and each has its own moving style. Some of them even speak in different languages such as Japanese, French and Spanish. I found this to be a nice touch, while the soundtrack is also very well done and engaging. But fights are often very short and music tracks stupidly restart after each stage, so sometimes it's hard to hear them from start to finish…

Also, I once managed to perform a ring-out (Roxy stage) although it's not something which happens often.

Despite it's ugly name, it's unfortunate that Kakuto Chojin didn't get more attention as a sequel could have certainly fixed what didn't work too well here. In the end, this is still a decent fighting game, which still looks amazingly good and plays well, considering its age. Worth checking.

Bottom line: an underated 3d fighting game which can still be enjoyed so many years after its release....7,5/10










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