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version: european - year: 2002 - developer: starbreeze - publisher: conspiracy games - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: common

















Review - Enclave is a polished hack'n'slash similar to Rune on PC and developed by Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios.

The graphics in this game are rather detailed, featuring breathtaking areas. Textures are really nicely done while everything looks very crisp. I only feel like the frame rate could (should?) have been faster. Fights aren't sluggish by any means but maybe they lack some dynamism. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the sequel.

The music is excellent throughout, as it blends classic choirs with new age to great effect. Gameplay is where things get annoying though. You can choose among various classes like warrior, hunter, mage etc and each character has it's own abilities, skills and weapons of choice. Weapons range from swords, to axes, magic wands, crossbows and the likes. What I thought was nice is the fact that when you purchase different weapons and armors, your character will actually look different.

In order to progress, it is important to choose the right character, equipped with the most powerful items you can buy. In this game, enemies are very strong and even the most insignificant ones will be able to put up a serious challenge (especially when you are low on health, and you are about to complete the level!) Their A.I. is somewhat surprising though: at times, they will behave intelligently, but other times, they will have a tendency to get stuck into some objects and they will start jumping like crazy cangoroos.

And here comes the ugly part; the only time when your game will be saved is upon finishing the level. The levels are usually pretty long, dense with enemies, traps and sometimes, unforgiving platforming action. Missing a platform results in many cases in an instant death situation and this can become quickly frustrating. It is a pity because otherwise, this game would have been more enjoyable to play.

N.B: When finishing the Light Campaign, the Dark Campaign unlocks, along with a new playable character (the Golem). What is cool is that in the Dark Campaign, you'll be playing from the evil side and the levels are significantly different!

Bottom line: a fair hack'n slash with decent graphics and controls which could have been tighter. Still fun for a go....6,5/10










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