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Crimson Sea

version: 2003 - year: 2003 - developer: koei - publisher: koei - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: slight

The US cover art is similar to the Japanese vers. but is more 'in your face'


Review - Koei's Crimson Sea is a stylish mission structured 3rd person shooter.

The graphics are impressive for the most part. The chatarcter design is excellent and is reminiscent of Square's in FFVIII and FFX.

If you thought Lulu was hot wait until you see the babes in this game!

The backgrounds are always well done and some of them are partially destructible so watch out for useful hidden items! One thing I found disappointing though was the jumpy camera angle inside the buildings in particular when crossing doors. The glitch is annoying and could have easily been corrected. Aside from this small complaint, the xbox hardware is put to good use.

The sound effects and the music are appropriate while spoken speeches are decent I guess even if they can sound a bit stupid in some particularly dramatic situations.

Gameplay is mission based. Basically, every level will ask you to complete a certain objective like for example defending a certain weapon from hordes of enemies or free a village from "mutons" who are hiding amidst civilians. Some missions are definitely harder than others and if you continue for over 3 times the same mission, the game will unlock an easy mode for you. It's a neat idea even if I think that the game's normal difficulty setting is perfect the way it is. No need to chicken out!

A final note on the amount of enemies Koei managed to throw at the player in this game: simply insane!!

Bottom line: a fun action game with overwhelming melee combat and nice character design....7/10










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