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version: european(uk) - year: 2004 - developer: cauldron - publisher: tdk - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: common

Conan is a euro-only release. Some talks of a US version persisted for a while but the game never made it there.


Fight off enemies in the arena for a chance to resurrect


Some settings look lavish


Conan prefers axes to books...


The story unfolds just like a R.E.Howard's novel..fans can rejoice!


The jungle looks cool...


...but is inhabited by huge scorpions..lots of them too!

Review - After many years, finally a decent game based on the popular Conan franchise made it into the world of videogames.

Sure, it's not the first game based on Conan to appear on consoles but it certainly is the first game worthy to represent Robert E. Howard charismatic character (if we don't count Conan on PS3 and XBOX360 and Age of Conan which both came out much later).

A 3rd person action hack'n'slash based on the Hyborian universe, Conan is clearly based upon the literature of the character and not the action movies. This is reinforced by the introduction and cut-scenes which are presented throughout the narration written in the books and chronicles of his adventures.

Graphically well done, Conan presents lush and varied landscapes, with a few highlights being the port area and the jungle. The level of detail is certainly welcome while character models are also fairly detailed and well animated.

The fighting system consists on the accumulation of experience points which then grant the ability to learn new techniques and upgrades. All this sounds very interesting and Conan can learn an impressive amount of moves (including instant kills) but chances are you'll often end up using the same ones over and over. This is a little of a downer since the game never really puts you in a situation where you have to use newly acquired skills to make it passed a certain level or situation.

Moreover, not all levels look as technically accomplished while some clipping occurs at times when the level of detail is very high. The scrolling isn't exactly blazing fast either but this won't represent a real problem unless you played Conan on PS3 first!

Also, sometimes your character will get stuck into the background graphics forcing you to either restart your game or press all the buttons randomly hoping for something to happen…

In the end, Conan on Xbox is a game worth a play if you are a fan of the series but there are many other action games which do a similar, if not a better job. For the fans.

Bottom line: a decent euro-only action game based on Conan which has some good in it, although it's overall an average game...6,5/10











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