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Capcom Fighting Jam aka Capcom Fighting Evolution

version: jp - year: 2005 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: xbox - condition: mint - rarity: common


Jedah's ending features a cameo appearance of...Dante from Devil May Cry!

Review - A 2 on 2 fighting game reminiscent of Capcom's Vs series which includes characters from Steet Fighter II, III, Alpha, Vampire Hunter/Savior and the little known, arcade exclusive CPS III fighting game Warzard (Red Earth).

The only real twist here is that each character uses the fighting system from the game it comes from. While interesting, this makes for some balance problems on the gameplay side while graphically, characters and settings don't always fit…

In the end, a decent 2D fighting game from Capcom, but certainly not the best out there! Also out on PS2.

Bottom line: a fair 2D fighter from capcom with nicely characterized graphics but it won't be long before you move on to something else....7/10











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