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Argos No Senshi aka Rygar

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: dempa / micomsoft - publisher: micomsoft - format: x68000, 1 disk- condition: mint - rarity: hard to find



















Review - Straight arcade port, the X68000 version is the one that was ported last.

Considering the inclusion of an option screen in which you can set your stock of lives and the number of continues to soften gameplay a bit, this is the ultimate port you want to play.

It comes on one disk and once it is loaded you can put it back onto your shelf because the game will be resident into the X68000 Ram at that point, until you shut the computer down.

To my great shame, I was never able to actually finish the original Rygar but this time, by allowing continues up to level 26 and by looking up a strategy on youtube I was actually able to finish the game...

Rygar is a fast game where your dexterity will be tested throughout all the levels. Similar to Chelnov in more than a way (although the scrolling is not forced here), Rygar features a mammoth 27 levels although most of them are very short. They tend to become a bit repetitive too towards the end both graphically and in terms of gameplay. Despite this, this game still holds a place in the history of arcades for its fast-paced non-stop action and for its great setting, which even featured awesome flying dragons, a novelty back in 1986 ;)

Anyways, the sadistic thing about Rygar is that once you reach the final stage, you cannot continue if you lose your stock of players. Since that stage is one of the toughest and the game is one-hit kill, it can be very frustrating to reach the final level only to be sent back to the beginning of the game after getting your stock of players decimated in an eye-blink (the last stage is the hardest, and the first few times you reach it, it is easy to get overwhelmed). So what I suggest is getting at the end of level 26 will a full stock of players. Get killed and use a continue if you have to in that stage. The important thing is that you need to reach the last level with a full stock of players.

Once you do that, your chances to actually finish the game will greatly increase because the only thing you need to do when you get to the last boss is to wait for him to jump over you, go underneath him and hit him in the back for a few times!

Rygar for X68000 is a pixel perfect port which also adds a nice options screen. MicomSoft "know how" of the machine is undisputed when it comes to the X68000 and this port is an example of just that.

It is interesting to notice that the game came out as part of the Video Game Anthology series, meaning that it was already considered a classic at the time. The box-art of this version is by far the greatest and most gruesome of them all!

Bottom line: If you are looking for the definitive Rygar port, look no further. This is probably the best home port around. 10/10











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