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Valis II The Fantasm Soldier

version: jp - year: 1989 - developer: renovation - publisher: telenet - format: x68000, 5 disks- condition: good, with sticker - rarity: hard to find

The intro includes some amazing voice acting with some genuine attempt at lip-synch too!


Bosses are much weaker in this version compared to the MSX2 version.


Flying level are super enjoyable and the scrolling is silky smooth!


Valis shmup?!


Cut-scenes are long and nicely detailed...


...and feature a lot of blood...


...as well as some nudity.


Here the boss just punched through his victim...pretty violent content for a 1989 game!


Here my digicam flash censored the pic...sorry lol


During the credit roll, Yuko hair is blown by the wind beautifully, just like in the amazing MSX2 version.


The End

Review - Valis II for the X68000 is the stuff of legend. I always thought the day I would actually manage to play through the 5 floppy disks of this version would be somehow the achievement of a dream come true. Years later, I am finally sitting in front of a Sharp X68000 XVI and its stylish black monitor.

After a truly memorable intro, with amazingly high quality voice acting, the game starts out exactly like the MSX2 version, with the same level layout and all. The difference is that graphically, it is very much improved, there are more colors on screen, parallax scrolling and the scrolling is unsurprisingly much smoother in this version although gameplay still presents some amateurish collision detection, especially in the first level.

The first level of Valis II is very annoying and extremely punishing. So much so that whoever gets a chance to try it will probably give up after a couple of attempts. The thing is that approximate collision detection, random enemy appearances coupled with schizophrenic attack patterns don't make for a great game...

The platforming section is especially unforgiving and random, with enemies who will appear only when you jump and when the level scrolls forward. And of course, miss a jump and you get killed and sent back to the beginning of the level. Sounds like a recipe for distaster, doesn'it?

Anyways, if you manage to get past that awful section, the first boss should not give you any trouble at all, like most of the bosses after that. Actually, I realized that bosses are a lot easier in this version compared to the MSX2 version.

Valis II effectively redeems itself after level 2 which again features random enemy appearances and attack patterns. I would say that compared to the MSX2 versions, the latter levels of this X68000 incarnation are definitely easier and not as frustrating. In particular, flying levels are super enjoyable and beautiful to look at, while cut-scenes often include full speech, which is nice.

Exactly as in the MSX2 version, latter cut-scenes include some T&A to reward the player and I must say that they are drawn nicely indeed ;) One thing which also returns in this version is the possibility to save your progress (one of the disks is not write-protected exactly for this purpose).

Bottom line: In the end, Valis II for X68 has a weird difficulty curve; hard and unforgiving at the beginning and much easier towards the end. The amateurish programming faults will let down most players, although true Valis fans will bear the pain and be rewarded with one of the best looking Valis games around! 8/10










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