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Thunder Force II

version: jp - year: 1988 - developer: tecno soft - publisher: tecno soft - format: x68000, 2 disks - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find

Review - Having played the Mega Drive version of Thunder Force II back in the day, I was very curious to find out about the differences with this X68000 incarnation.

To my surprise, I must admit that the Mega Drive port holds its ground, but of course, only to a point!

The X68000 version looks cleaner and includes some extra effects such as parallax scrolling and beautiful transparencies in the top-down view levels. These effects are entirely missing in the Mega Drive version.

Voice samples are also much cleaner here and more abundant. For example, when you lose a continue, the pilot will scream "Shit!"

But I have to say that strangely, without the agonizing yet hilarious Mega Drive mumbling voices, TFII on X68000 almost feels like a different game.

Bottom line: Probably the best version of TFII available. 8/10










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