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Video Game Anthology Vol.1: Moon Cresta - Terra Cresta

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: dempa micomsoft/nichibutsu - publisher: dempa micomsoft - format: x68000, 1 floppy disk (5.25") - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review -Moon Cresta was released way back in 1980 while its sequel Terra Cresta was released two years later in 1982.

What these two shooters have in common is their primitive looks when judged by today's standards although there is still some good old fun to be had here.

Moon Cresta is a single screen shooter in the same vein of Namco's Galaxian. It introduced the concept of docking your ship with additional pieces as you defeat a certain number of enemy waves. When successful in docking your ship with the new module, your firepower and size increase.

Terra Cresta introduced vertical scroll and end-of-level bosses, while it retained the module mechanic as your ship can increase firepower and size by collecting additional pieces. Once all pieces are collected, the ship transforms into an invincible fire phoenix.

These X68000 ports are as expected arcade perfect. The disk is set to load by default Terra Cresta. To play Moon Cresta, press F2 on the X68000 keyboard upon loading the game.

Bottom line: An interesting compilation which I suspect has more value as a piece of gaming history rather than anything else. Worth digging into if you want to know more about the origins of Japanese shooters. 6/10










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