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Sol Feace

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: wolf team - publisher: wolf team - format: x68000, 3 disks - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - Impressive and playable side-scrolling shooter by Wolf Team.

A cartridge version of this game was released in the US as Sol Deace for the Genesis, while the game was also released for the Mega-CD although both versions are inferior in terms of graphics and music compared to this one on X68000.

Sol Feace is a rather traditionl shooter, but everything about it oozes quality. Sprites are big and nicely animated, the ship you control looks fantastic and the mounted guns recoil when fired.

The attention to detail in the enemies is also worth noticing while backgrounds are varied enough not to become repetitive.

The music sounds appropriate and the midi support exclusive to this version really makes it sound special. Activating midi support has been kind of a nightmare for me, as I could not figure out what was written (in Japanese) in the instruction manual.

Eventually, I discovered that I had to do two things:
set my Roland SC-155 midi synth on MT-32 compatible mode and
2- press the  登録 key (which is the one next to the HELP key) upon booting the game, until the intro starts.

About the difficulty level, Sol Feace is challenging, and the fact that you are sent back to level 5 if you die on level 6 or 7 makes it very hard to finish. I personally couldn't get past the boss of level 6!

Bottom line: A noteworthy side-scrolling shooter of which the best version available is this one. 8/10










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