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version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: shinseisha b-type - publisher: shinseisha - format: x68000, 1 disk - condition: mint - rarity: very

Review - Scorpius is unique in more than a way. It is the only game ever developed by Gamest Mook publisher Shinseisha and it is an X68000 exclusive.

I really don't know what is the story behind this game, and why Shinseisha decided to venture into game development/publishing territory, but what I know is that the end result is shocking.

Shocking because technically, Scorpius looks really polished and again, shocking because of the devastating difficulty level!

After selecting your ship out of three different models, you are thrown into an alienscape which looks threatening yet fascinating. Several layers of parallax scrolling make the level look like a hidden Xexex level.

Pad in hand, if the initial feel of the game may remind you of Gradius, well that's just misleading.

Scorpius has one unique and defining feature, which is a "tail" which can be used as an alternate weapon to the regular shots.

This tail isn't very important in the first level, but already by level two and most definitely in level 3, it will be simply fundamental if you plan on making any progress whatsoever.

The tail works a bit like in Irem's Dragon Breed, but in a viscious turn, here you'll have to use it also in vertically-scrolling levels.

Some of the regular weapons look outstanding, like the lightning bursts which beautifully fade out after every discharge.

If it wasn't so nerve-wrecking, I would recommend Scorpius to any shmupper out there but the difficulty is so high (it makes R-Type look easy!) that I can really recommend it only to super experienced players. You have been warned ;)

Bottom line: Untamable beast. 9/10










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