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version: jp - year: 1987 - developer: bothtec - publisher: bothtec - format: x68000, 2 disks - condition: near mint - rarity: very

Relics came out on basically all major Japanese computers of the 80s and this X68000 port came out a year later and is one of the rarest


The styrofoam packaging has a bas-relief of an alien face engraved on it. Something I have never seen anywhere before. Just amazing!


Relics running on an X68000 XVI


It is hard to figure out what to do in this confusing and mysterious action adventure game


Your spirit can migrate into bodies to acquire their powers like in Maxen X for Dreamcast

Review - Obscure side-scrolling action adventure game with a mysterious plot and an interesting graphical theme reminiscent of H. R. Giger artwork.

The main gameplay twist is that you are able to migrate into the body of defeated enemies acquiring their specific powers, strength and weaknesses. This aspect makes the game really interesting to play although the approximate collision detection system, the stiff fighting mechanics, and the choppy scrolling make the game harder than it should.

Bottom line: Despite this, this X68000 version does look and play better than its MSX counterpart, and it is also a lot rarer too. 7/10










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