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version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: zoom - publisher: zoom - format: x68000, 3 disks - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The deluxe packaging oozes an insane amount of quality. The story of the game is told through cool comic strips inside the manual.


A tough little game to finish...


...and the ending...


is sure romantic!


was worth saving the universe after all


the game finishes with a Genocide 2 add actually. Not so romantic after all haha

Review - There are good chances you played Phalanx either on the Super Nes, or on the GBA re-release or even on the more recent wiiware remake.

Well, a version of this game or dare I say, a much better version of this game made it to Sharp X68000 including a deluxe package with beautiful artwork , an exclusive intro/outro, midi support (which can be activated in the ingame menu) and overall better graphics.

Having played the Super Famicom and the X68000 versions, I can also say there are relevant differences in terms of levels and music. For example, level 7 on X68000 branches out and requires you to find the right path to the end-of-level boss. Some paths with be circular as you'll be taken back to the beginning while others will allow you to advance. Get to the boss and what awaits is one of the toughest fights in the entire game. His second form shoots spiders all over the place which then keep on multiplying and jumping around until the screen is filled with spiders and projectiles all over the playing field. The best strategy I found was just to get there with enough lives and firepower to then either unleash one or two "smart bombs" on him at the price of powering down or to get there with the only weapon that can be charged up R-Rype style and to unleash 4 or 5 super attacks on him (I personally used this method when I succeeded).

The SFC version of level 7 is just straight forward with no branching but the boss fight is the same. Another difference I noticed between the two versions is the music which can be entirely different depending on the level.

About the gameplay, the X68000 version offers a very similar challenge in terms of difficulty to the SFC version, and with practice and a little strategy help from youtube for the last boss, Phalanx can be finished on 1 credit!

The last level is also rather hard, but it is possible to finish it at the cost of 2 or 3 ships. Then there is a section in which you'll be travelling behind a layer of parallax scrolling which hides tons of power ups. Collect them all and then as that huge mono cellular organism shows up, go directly into his eyes while avoiding missiles coming from the back. Hold the position as much as you can and then drop a couple of smart bombs. If you did everything correctly, you should take him down quickly enough without losing a single ship!

I found this strategy in a boss rush mode video on youtube and I can confirm it works perfectly and lets you take down the boss much faster than flying around it for half an hour.

Bottom line: Phalanx has always been an underdog appreciated by a handful few. It might not be the best shooter around but this X68000 version is as good as it gets...8/10










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