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Nemesis '90 Kai

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: x68000, 2 disks - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find

Review - Enhanced port of the MSX version of Gradius 2 , Nemesis '90 Kai includes overhauled graphics with more color, much smoother scrolling, parallax, extra levels, extra bosses and midi support!

The neat thing about this game is that once you have loaded the two floppy disks (make sure to wait for the first to load before inserting the 2nd one, otherwise it won't load), you can store them back into the box since the game will just reside into the X68000 Ram.

This version of Gradius is basically an X68000 exclusive and remains one of the most sought-after games in the series.

It is very enjoyable and is probably one of the better shooters on the machine although the mechanic of having to replay slightly altered versions of previously beaten levels might turn some people off.

Bottom line: One of the reasons to own an X68000! 9/10










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