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Knight Arms The Hyblid Framer

version: jp - year: 1989 - developer: arsys software - publisher: arsys - format: 2 5.25" disks - condition: good - rarity: hard to find

I guess it should be the "Hybrid" Framer, whatever that means anyways



Developed exclusively for the X68000


The graphics push the X68000 hardware probably beyond its technical means, with mixed results


The side-scrolling sections scroll in a weird way


Levels are varied, and the music is always up to the task


Bosses are often cool. Is she firing missiles from her breast?!


Getting close to the last level...


The end!

Review - Developed by Arsys, a little known software house (at least in the west) which was specialized in Japanese pc games, Knight Arms is an interesting mix between Space Harrier and X-Ranza.

In other words, the game alternates pseudo 3D visuals with side-scrolling levels.

Graphically, it surprises because the 3D sections look very good in still shots, but they have a tendency to be plagued by excessive slowdown when in motion. Even if you are lucky enough to own a sharp X68000 XVI, this problem can’t be dealt with even if toggling between 10Mhz and 16Mhz because the game simply becomes too fast and almost unplayable at times, so you better stick with the 10Mhz mode.

Levels tend to be varied and some sections look particularly inspired with a lot of colors, details and speed. The screen can get pretty busy with plenty of big enemy sprites, bullets, intimidating bosses and cool backgrounds.

Add to this an engaging soundtrack and what you get is an audio-visual feat, especially if you put it in the context of its release date…1989!

Gameplay is kept simple and to the point, with upgrades available to power up your mech. The horizontal sections even include some mild exploration elements in order to acquire additional firepower and additional firing equipment. Knight Arms gets better and better as you progress through the levels, and the game culminates in a big boss confrontation at super fast speed in the particularly inspired and colorful last level.

Bottom line: if you want to experience something which feels a bit different on your X68000 and don’t mind slowdown, this game could provide you with some genuine fun. Just don’t expect a classic though....7/10










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