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version: jp - year: 1989 - developer: zoom - publisher: zoom - format: x68000, 4 disks - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The game comes in a nice big box and the instructions include a lot of nice artwork and a comic strip detailing the backstory


No MIDI support but Genocide has a nice quality soundtrack


This Boss fight requires precision and timing


Some backgrounds look different compared to the later PCE port.

Review - Early side-scrolling Mech action game released initially for X68000 and then ported to Marty / FM Towns and PC Engine.

Given the big sprites, decently smooth parallax scrolling and the SCI-FI theme somewhat reminiscent of Masamune Shirow works, I always wanted to give this game a chance and today this is exactly what I did. Well let's say that I am not thrilled about Genocide and let me explain why.

Genocide has some good ideas, but they aren't really well executed. Take the flying energy orb thing hovering over your head for instance. You get it late (after you cleared a third of the game), it is difficult (read unintuitive) to use, and yet very much necessary to progress.

Also, your main weapon is a short sword with the range of a toothpick while all other enemies have guns and what not. Their attack patterns are also rather annoying and a bit random, which will force you to either try to faceroll your way to victory (it works sometimes) or to take the long way and try to play the game as it is supposed to be played, jumping around doing all sorts of back flips, and alternating your toothpick sword for close range attacks and the orb (which you can and should charge up for more damage) for long range.

See, I really tried to play this game through but a couple of things eventually made me quit.

I didn't like how I could get hit left and right and being pinballed across the levels and also, I got mad at the random health system and the generally annoying controls and checkpoints. I don't mind checkpoints in good games but I do get mad if after I die, I have to wait for the game to load again every time...

On top of that, the fact that your character is strangely too close to the scrolling makes it hard to see enemies coming.


So yeah, I quit mid way and in the end, I just had a cold beer instead.


Bottom line: I do like the no-brain side scrolling action in Genocide and the big-ass Neo-Geo like sprites, but I do not like the controls in this game. 6/10










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