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Die Bahnwelt

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: glodia - publisher: glodia - format: x68000, 6 disks - condition: mint, w/poster & reg.card - rarity: uncommon

Die Bahnwelt comes on 6 (!) disks. 1 System Disk, 3 Data Disks (A,B,C), 1 Opening Disk and 1 Ending Disk. Insert the System Disk into Drive 0 and Disk A into Drive 1 to run the game. If you want to watch the intro, put the Opening disk into Drive 0, and you'll be treated to a very long and beautifully drawn sequence which takes up a whole disk. You can also put the Ending disk in Drive 0 to listen the to each music Track. A Save/Load feature is also available but you need a blank disk for that.


The Options / Settings Menu is somewhat hidden away . To access it, simply press A+B on your pad for a few seconds. A Menu will appear. Go to the last Option from there, and set Midi manually (click for bigger-size pic)

Review - Literally meaning Train World in German, Die Bahnwelt is a sci-fi action game with slight RPG elements with a top down view, exclusive to the X68000.

Technically, this is a good title since graphically, sprites and backgrounds look functional but super clean while the scrolling is very smooth and the quality of the cut-scenes is also really nice.

On the audio front, the game detects right away if a midi board is mounted and should set MIDI Music automatically although I had to go in the in-game menu (in Japanese) and set it manually for some reason.

Gameplay revolves around exploring levels, killing enemies and unlocking doors by pressing switches. The simplicity of the gameplay becomes more complex when you start making your way in the labyrinthine levels while enemies will respawn a few seconds after being killed.

Luckily, your health regenerates over time while you can count on smart teammates (for once!) with advanced A.I.

There is also a certain level customization in terms of weapons to be discovered and equiped.

Bottom line: All in all, this is a convincing little package which deservedly acquired a cult following in Japan . 7/10










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