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Detana!! Twinbee

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: x68000, 2 disks - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Konami strikes back on X68000 with awesome MIDI support


This beautiful package comes with gorgeous color postcards with artwork from the game (click right pic for bigger size)

Review - Direct port of Konami 's 1991 arcade game, Detana Twinbee continues the cute'em up trend of this long running series by actually upping the audio-visuals to brave new heights.

The graphical style is extremely warm, with its colorful cartoony hand-drawn sprites and backgrounds which seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. The scrolling is silky smooth too with no slowdown while the detailed backgrounds are varied and a pleasure to look at.

The music (and sound effects) are also of the highest standard, with full midi support which can be easily accessed before starting a game.

Gameplay is straightforward as you need to take down ground and air targets, collect bells (or power ups) and use the power shot to take down entire enemy waves, R-Type style.

The difficulty level is rather low, with instant respawn points and infinite continues.

Lastlty, loading time is really fast and unintrusive, like most X68000 games!

Bottom line: If you are looking for a well-rounded piece of software to show-case the X68000 capabilities, Detana Twinbee is where you should start from. 9/10










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