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Atomic Runner Chelnov

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: data east - publisher: data east - format: x68000, 1 disk - condition: mint, no adapter - rarity: common

Chelnov uses 3 buttons(fire, jump, turn around), so it was packaged with a rare adaptor to connect a Mega Drive pad to the X68000. It is still possible to use a 2 buttons pad though but gameplay becomes less intuitive


The intro actually shows where the last fight will take place :)


Here, try to stay alive by jumping onto each obstacle or enemy you can find to keep up with the forced scrolling.


Some bosses are harder than others, although they all have identifiable patterns


The End

Review - Uncensored port of the original Coin-Op, Chelnov comes on one disk and once the game is loaded into the X68000 Ram, the disk is spit out by the drive for immediate shelf storage! Nice touch :)

Chelnov is a super playable side scrolling shooter with platforming elements and forced scrolling. Your character can only move forward (except during boss fights) and the game really feels fresh in its gameplay approach.

The shooting and platforming elements often require a good eye-to-hand coordination because there is normally a lot going on in the levels. It is also possible to jump onto enemies, Super Mario style and now that I think of it, Chelnov shares more than one element with the awesome Rygar.

Bottom line: Despite the aging look of the graphics (which are 100% faithful to the coin-op), Chelnov's gameplay is strong enough to be worth of your time considering that the game is also rather challenging. Well worth playing through it! 8/10










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