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A-Jax aka Ajax aka Typhoon

version: jp - year: 1989 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: x68000, 3 disks - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

These shot are in tate mode and are taken from the arcade game. The X68000 version looks identical as far I can say, but was reprogrammed to fit a normal monitor.


Vertically scrolling levels are more challenging than the pseudo 3D ones, although they are very manageable.


The End

Review - A-Jax is a shooter mixing vertical shooting levels in which you control a helicopter and 3D After Burner-style sections in which you control a fighter jet.

This game was also released in the west and I even played the mediocre C-64 port called Typhoon although I never made much progress in it.

I should probably also add that the fighter jet might superficially look like the EuroFighter Typhoon but it really is a different aircraft! Actually it looks like a mix between a Tornado, a Eurofighter and whatever other fighter aircraft you feel like throwing in there for good measure.

A-Jax vertical shooting levels play well and are the most challenging ones while the 3D sections look gorgeous with plenty of zooming and rotation effects but are also too easy.

I would say that being a Konami shooter, it is certainly worth playing if you have the chance but just don't expect masterpiece because A-Jax is just a good little shooter, moderately challenging and very playable.

Bottom line: Go for it if you are a Konami freak, if you played most of the other X68000 shooters out there or if you find the other X68000 shooters available too challenging! 7/10










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