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Valis The Fantasm Soldier

version: jp - year: 1986 - developer: telenet - publisher: telenet - format: sharp x1, 2 disks (5.25") - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find

Review - Valis The Fantasm Soldier was ported to a myriad of Japanese systems such as the PC-88, PC-98, FM-77, MSX, and it also appeared on the Sharp X1.

The X1 computer line is almost entirely unknown in the west, and even in Japan, there isn't a whole lot of info about it, or maybe I have no clue where to look!

By the end of 1982, the first X1 computer was commercially released. It was based on a Z80A CPU running at 4Mhz.

A number of upgraded but backward-compatible models followed until 1988, year in which the X1turboZIII model was released. It was to be the last model released before the launch of the X68000 line.

In this respect, the X1turboZIII looks less like an X1 computer and more like a desktop X68000 pc, although technically the two pcs are completely different and incompatible.

A few interesting ports were released for the X1 as well as some exclusive RPGs.

Valis on X1 has the same exact packaging as the MSX version, except for a silver sticker on the spine with the X1 label.

To my knowledge, this version of Valis should be almost identical to the PC-88 version and it should include the same cut-scenes.

I don't plan on ever getting an X1 PC though, so I cannot confirm what other differences this version may contain.

Bottom line: Obscure Valis release, to be displayed as an odd rarity.










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