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Super Turrican 2

version: usa - year: 1995 - developer: factor 5 - publisher: ocean - format: super nintendo, 16 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Graphics are simply incredible


Contra III anyone?!


Mode-7 is used to great effect


There is even a vertical-shmup level! Handling of the ship is weak though


Levels often throw at the player original challenges


The desert, the huge sand-worms...does anybody remember the sci-fi movie Dune?!

Review - It was not up until recently that I found out about this late Super Nintendo release.

Super Turrican 2 came out late in the SuperNes life cycle and after playing it extensively, I think it must push the tech specs of Nintendo's 16 bit machine like no other game.

Where to start from? Maybe I should tell you about the beautiful use of the SuperNes color palette, or the amazing parallax scrolling or maybe I should tell you about the astounding mode 7 effects but this wouldn't probably be enough to begin describing this fantastic game. Let's simply put it this way: technically speaking, Super Turrican 2 is beyond anything you have probably seen on SuperNes, except maybe for Rendering Ranger. Factor 5 created the ultimate action game on any 16 bit machine.

Super Turrican 2 looks so good that it could easily be mistaken for a top notch Sega Saturn game! To be honest though, all levels are equally impressive but one: the vertical shooter section towards the end of the game (reminiscent of Axelay) is probably not as good because of unresponsive controls.

The music and sound effects are also very well done. There is actually an option to switch from stereo to Dolby but I must say that after hearing all of the firing and the explosions going on, I switched back to stereo just because I was going to have a headache :)

Gameplay is where Super Turrican 2 definitely marks a departure from classic Turrican. It is way more action oriented a bit like Contra III. Sure, there still are some disorienting levels such as the maze-like underwater section, but most of the levels tend to be straightforward shooting but with a twist! In effect, it will be of paramount importance for you to figure out the enemies' patterns. In every new level, you will be facing different situations and you will have to learn the baddies attack patterns if you want to go on. And this is no easy task since there is an enormous variety of situations and enemies

Finally, the intro, the intermediate cut-scenes and the outro have been masterfully done using a FMV like effect (the programmers apparently used Alias Power Animator for that).

Super Turrican 2 feels almost like an epic science-fiction saga now, almost reminiscent of Star Wars on Super Nes (minus the slowdown of course).

Even if not easy to find, with a little search on the web it is possible to spot Super Turrican 2 for sale, but don't expect to get it at discount price!

On a final note, your cash will be well spent since there are basically 3 possible endings for the 3 difficulty levels (easy-normal-hard). It is actually the same ending with more added to it. Personally, I finished the game on easy and normal mode and for now I'll stop there!

Bottom line: Games like this one will easily push you to set up your Super Nintendo again, to spend a couple of hours in 2D heaven. 9/10











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