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Super Turrican

version: 1993 - year: 1990 - developer: factor 5 - publisher: seika corp. - format: super nintendo, 4 mbit cartridge - condition: good - rarity: common

Exclusive to the SuperNes


Some bosses like this one make a come back from Turrican on the Amiga / C-64


Here, wait for the wind to blow upward to access high platforms


The alien train is one of the best and most difficult level


Do not hang for too long on the ice platforms cause they'll sink


The last boss of Super Turrican pays homage to H.R. Giger. Also, it has been re-used in Mega Turrican (MD) and Turrican 3 (A500)


The programmers couldn't resist to cite their own work. Katakis is the alternate name of Factor 5 famous R-Type clone Denaris.


Review - Super Turrican on SNES is actually a brand new episode in this epic saga.

It features new levels, new special effects which cleverly use the SNES Mode 7 capabilities and new enemies.

Compared to the seminal Amiga originals (in particular the first two games in the trilogy), Super Turrican is definitely more action oriented. The exploration component is still present, but this time only to collect extra lives. Level design is now more linear.

Gameplay has been altered also because the energy beam which could be controlled clockwise or counter-clockwise is now just a Freeze Beam which means that it will just temporarily freeze enemies.

Other than that, Super Turrican on SNES looks and sounds incredible.

Graphically, it takes advantages of the SNES capabilities to deliver some truly memorable backgrounds which are very colourful and which include an amazing amount of flawless parallax scrolling.

This game is filled with memorable moments, one which springs to mind is the level set on top of an alien-like train in which you'll be required to time your jumps with absolute accuracy. Frustrating at first, but ultimately great!

The music by Chris Hülsbeck is again out of the ordinary. Very atmospheric and catchy, it easily lives up to the high expectations of the Turrican fans out there.

Super Turrican is undeniably a very addictive action game and the vision of Manfred Trenz (who wasn't involved in this project) managed to come through brilliantly via the expert use of the SuperNes hardware.

If you enjoy games like Super Contra or Super Metroid, you should most definitely give it a try. The risk being that from that point on, you'll become a die-hard Turrican fan too so watch out!

Bottom line: a sparkling debut of Turrican on nintendo's 16 bit powerhouse. 8,5/10










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