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Sonic Blast Man II

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: taito - publisher: taito - format: super famicom, 16 mbit cartridge - condition: near mint- rarity: uncommon


Magic attacks look spectacular


Bosses are sometimes a pain. Learn to use all your moves to be more effective.


Tsunami wave-attack!


This should be like the ultimate mega atomic-blender ninja robot punch, or something... :)


This boss is hard and he has 3 forms!


Tle last fight...

Review - Sonic Blast Man was originally released in the arcades in 1990. It was a first-person fighting game which basically required players to punch as hard as they could a punch pad to get rid of enemies. Apparently, this innovative cabinet costed Taito some money because of the number of people who broke their wrists and who sued them!

Anyways, two years later Sonic Blast Man was released on SNES/SFC but as a more orthodox side-scrolling beat'em up. In 1994, it even spawned a sequel, which will be the aim of this review.

Sonic Blast man II is basically a well done Final Fight clone with a science-fiction setting. Sprites are big and well drawn, while special moves look spectacular and are fun to perform. Backgrounds are definitely varied as they sweep from a urban setting to a port, the jungle and even on top of a flying air plane! Enemies are overall interesting although some of the minor ones tend to repeat themselves too much.

The music is definitely well done, while gameplay is fast, smooth and challenging. It is possible to pick among three characters (and of course there is a two-players simultaneous mode) and each have a large array of moves and special moves so the game never becomes really repetitive.

In the end, Sonic Blast Man II is an excellent side-scrolling fighter which I would recommend without hesitations to fans of the genre.

Bottom line: entertaining Final Fight clone. 8/10










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