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Majuoh aka Majyuuou (Demon Animal King)

version: jp - year: 1995 - developer: kss - publisher: kss - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very

Please take a look at the cover artwork. Amazing, isn't it?


Nudity& gore don't seem to be an issue in this late Super Famicom release


Majuoh's backgrounds are extremely varied


This boss could easily be mistaken for a Castlevania mid-boss


Mode 7 effects are creatively used for some battles


Press the fire button and release it after a few seconds for a super attack. Also, your character has a variety of handy different moves (rolling...)


Your girl seems to be trapped inside the boss forehead

Review - Dark, mysterious and sensual, this obscure Super Famicom action game has a unique gothic atmosphere.

A fusion of Actraiser 2 and Magician Lord, the main theme rotates around the ability of the main character to transform into a powerful beast by stealing the soul of defeated bosses.

Initially dressed with a pair of casual blue jeans and a shirt, you'll soon sink into the demon's world where your survival will initially depend on your pistol. You'll be called to blow up zombies with head-shots, gun down horrendous demons and pulverize hanging corpses to pieces to advance in the twisted universe you fell in. But to get your girl back, that's the minimum you can do right?!

Defeated bosses leave behind them a fluctuating stone (or soul) which changes color. Depending on the color you pick, the stone will make you transform into one of three beasts each with its own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Collecting the same gem color over and over will upgrade your powers.

Majuoh's evocative backgrounds are rich in disturbing details while the parallax scrolling and choice of colors perfectly depict its tortured world. The attention to detail is staggering, while levels flow beautifully and seamlessly one into the other.

To give you an example, to reach the tower of the demons (the final destination), you'll be travelling through a cemetery on the roof-top of a train, while you'll gradually notice in the background several crucified prisoners amid a sea of gravestones before the train brutally collides with the fortified outer-walls surrounding your destination!

If that wasn't enough, enemies and bosses are creative and particularly well designed and many of them have that unmistakable Castlevania Symphony of the Night flavor, which truly enhances the artistic finesse of the cosmetics.

Being a fan of the beauty & beast fantasy artwork style, I found in this game one of the best examples of just that. Sometimes, voluptuous yet deadly, scantily clad fairies or she-devils will cross your path and it will be impossible not to appreciate their sensuality. The contrast between these beautiful creatures and the gore, the blood and the violence that seem to ooze from the decaying surroundings is just without rivals.

When in beast form, killing dark fairies will give you the opportunity to devour them, feasting on their flesh to regain some health...

Add to this the fascinating and immersive soundtrack and the challenging but never unfair gameplay and what you get is a rare treasure, which Castlevania or Ghouls'n'Ghosts fans will appreciate like no others. If you belong to this group of gamers, you ought it to yourself to add this stylish production to you collection and play it through at least once.

Bottom line: Forgotten in the dark recesses of Japanese videogames underground productions, Majuoh shines with its dark and malevolent glow like a forbidden gem waiting to be stolen by avid hands. My precioussssss...9/10










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