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Holy Striker aka Firestriker

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: axes art amuse - publisher: hect hector playing interface - format: super famicom, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: near mint- rarity: uncommon


































Review - Holy Striker is an obscure and very original action game which I picked up without knowing much at all about it.

The basic concept behind the game is that you control a warrior and have to use a bouncing energy ball to destroy enemies, to open chests or to break open doors.

The interesting twist is that you should always try to prevent the ball from falling down the screen. Usually, the bottom part of the screen has parts made of breakable stone blocks. Once the blocks are destroyed, if your energy ball falls down in the hole, you lose a life.

So basically, what we have here is a medieval Arkanoid "with people" and some limited scrolling (since most of the time you'll have to clear areas which fit in a single screen).

Throughout your quest, by using the shoulder buttons, you can make your wizard-buddy move left to right. He will help out when the ball bounces where you placed him. I would recommend to always place him in front broken blocks to avoid potential holes or of course, in front of holes!

The game advances through an isometric map where you have to clear areas in a certain order to be able to advance. Don't worry though, because everything is very linear. Your main goal will be to get into various dungeons and free some characters which you'll be then able to select. The golem for example, is powerful but slow while the bird-man is very fast and the mermaid is appropriate for the underwater level.

Graphically, Holy Striker is nothing to write home about. It uses super deformed characters, and a spartan-looking top view. Everything moves very smoothly though and there is never a hint of slowdown.

The music is actually pretty nice and complements the game the way it should. Holy Striker is all about gameplay and trust me, it is really a blast to play. Handling is top notch and the level design is just great. This game takes a simple concept and executes it perfectly.

The difficulty curve is flawlessly balanced as you should be able to complete the game well within the 5 continues provided once you get used to the play mechanics.Holy Striker is a simple yet very addictive action game which I would recommend to everybody. It's well worth the purchase (or the download)!

Finally, I'd like to spend a few words on the instruction manual which includes some really beautiful color drawings of the various characters. Nice!

Bottom line: an original concept for a very playable and fun little game. 7,5/10










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