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Akumajo Dracula aka Super Castlevania IV

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: super famicom, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: slight


Censored in the west.


The graphics become way better as you progress


The best Castlevania game ever?


familiar faces...


Run like hell over this collapsing bridge and avoid chasing bats!


Latter levels will flex the super famicom hardware with amazing Mode-7 effects


The rotating barrel-like effect in this background is amazing if you can cope with the expected slow-down


Here, make sure you grab the hanging ring or else you'll get spiked!




Review - One of the better games in the super famicom library and one of the best chapters in konami's long-running series.

It is actually so good as to get me hooked on the whole series. Mode 7 levels are fantastic and the ability to control the direction of the whip allowed for some memorable gameplay innovations.

The music is also very inspired and creates a thick gothic atmosphere which goes hand in hand with the rest of the game.

Bottom line: the best "linear" castlevania game in the whole series. 9,5/10










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