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Aliens vs Predator

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: jorudan - publisher: igs - format: super famicom, 8 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Unrelated to Capcom's arcade game


You can use the powerful shoulder cannon when needed but at the cost of some of your health


Bosses are fairly big and well drawn


The story advances through the use of cool artwork


Using the camouflage technique... Let's see if you can spot the Predator? Hint: look for the greenish trail


OMG, a flying alien-bat!


Through the window, various space junk zooms by at high speed with a cool (although pixellated) effect


Time to run!




Graphics are just average


Look at the wall, there's people absorbed into some kind of blob. Maybe they are hosting little aliens thingies


The last boss is frustratingly hard also because of slowdown


Me bad-ass. Me won!!

Review -Without doubt, the Aliens franchise heavily influenced the world of movies and videogames.

The artistic vision of swissman HR Giger was so strong and original that it has been “borrowed” multiple times in a variety of different games across many genres. In many shooters for instance, most of the time you'll come across a level with a familiar rib-cage motif , or you'll fight against parasitic aliens with protruding little jaws.

Predator, another cult Sci-Fi franchise, also had a big impact although not as pervasive. The movie had many great ideas though: the concept of a highly evolved alien race equipped with incredibly high-tech camouflage techniques landing on our planet not to invade it, but just to use it as a hunting field proved to be very popular.

Looking at the wide popularity of the two franchises, the next logical step was to make a cross over. Just imagine, what would happen if these ferocious alien races met? And what would happen if the human race got caught up in their turf war?

Some games came out on various systems to try to answer these questions. In 1994, and FPS called Alien vs Predator was released exclusively on the Atari's Jaguar system and proved to be very popular. In the same year, Capcom developed for the arcades an excellent 2D side-scrolling fighter that was never ported to any home system. In 1999, another FPS came out based on the licence, but this time on PC and it even spawned a sequel.

What maybe not many people know is that in 1993, another side-scrolling beat'em up based on the license came out on SFC / SNES. Published by Activision / IGS, it was actually an entirely different game compared to Capcom's arcade board.

Well is it good or bad?

In all honesty, I was expecting much more…For one thing, graphically it is very uneven. The color palette tends to be a bit lacking, while levels themselves don't feature much detail. Also, there are always no more than a couple of enemies on screen at a time and sometimes, when face-huggers join the fiesta, slowdown will show its ugly face.

Moreover, enemies aren't varied. How about fighting some aliens with a blue head. And with a green head. What about red? You don't like red? Luckily, although very similar, depending on their head color, their attack pattern will be different and this adds some needed variety to melee fights.

Also, I must say that sprites are big and well drawn and are animated fairly well. The Predator (the only character you can control to undertake the quest) has a nice amount of attacks besides punches and kicks like dashing or using special attacks such as the cool shoulder cannon or some kind of thunder attack (which I don't remember the Predator ever performing in the movies!).

Bosses are also pretty cool. Big and well drawn, they are often hard to kill but most of them can be disposed of by just performing flying kicks.

The in-game soundtrack is overall very nice and suits the game to perfection.

In the end, IGS developed an average game. This glorious license has so much potential that it is sad to see it underused like in this game. Being able to select only Predator to undertake the quest is limiting and there is not even a hint of our own race in the game!

Despite this, if you are a die-hard fan of either Aliens or Predator or of course both, you might want to give it a shot but for the rest of you, don't feel bad if you skip this one.

Bottom line: a barely average action game based on two glorious franchises, but there isn't much to rejoice in here I am afraid...5/10










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