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version: jp - year: 1995 - developer:realtime associates - publisher: trimark/acclaim - format: super famicom, 16 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - Loosely based on the Warlock horror movies of the early 1990s, this action game by Acclaim puts you in control of a druid who must travel through time to collect magic stones necessary to defeat evil (or something along those lines).

Technically, Warlock is pretty decent since it offers varied backgrounds and enemies and generally good sprite-work and animations.

The music and sound effects are actually not bad and overall this is an ok package.

Despite that, I had a couple of issues: one with the scrolling delay when changing direction and the other one with the general unresponsiveness of the controls. nothing catastrophic but it's noticeable.

Because of the above negatives, Warlock is more challenging that it needs to be.

Also, there's some kind of flying orb following you around which can be controlled to reach far out objects. I think it's a bit unfortunate that the orb isn't really useful against enemies.

This Super Famicom version is just like the SNES version, meaning blood was censored unlike on the Genesis. This is a bit of a shame since graphically, the SFC/SNES version looks more colorful and generally crisper than its Genesis counterpart.

Bottom line: An average to decent action game which could have been a lot better with a little bit more work from the developers. 6/10










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