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Strike Gunner S.T.G.

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: athena - publisher: athena - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

A rather uninspired vertical shooter...


Star Wars perhaps? But why?? This game has nothing to do with it!

Review - Strike Gunner is a port of the 1991 coin op by Athena/Tecmo.

It is a vertical shooter in which before every level you have to pick a secondary weapon from various types. Once you have used a certain secondary weapon in a level, it will become unavailable for the rest of the game, forcing you to cycle through other weapons.

This game point of interest is basically just this because the rest is pretty boring. Levels look super repetitive, they use a limited color palette while enemies attack in predictable patterns. Even boss fights end up almost putting you to sleep.

Luckily, the music is definitely nice, with cool electric guitar tunes which desperately try to redeem a game which becomes interesting only in the last level speed run.

Bottom line: If you have to own all Super Famicom shooters, go for it. If not, spend your cash elsewhere... 5/10










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