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Psycho Dream

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: telenet japan - publisher: riot - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: uncommon

The artwork is elegant and reminds me a bit of Yoshitaka Amano's style.



The ghost of a purple octopus stuck in a computer lab should never mess with a bondage fairy...that's a fact!


Our fairy is so impressed by this sight that she is feeling dizzy...


The last boss is a nightmare if you are not fully powered up. My advice is to get really close to the firing hands and whip them as fast as you can to destroy them quickly. Hopefully you'll catch some power ups by destroying incoming fire. After that, the head will start flying around fast. It is unpredictable and hard to dodge. Go to the bottom of the screen to avoid the bullet showers from the top and just jump and hit the head when you can. The timer will give you a hard time though so you have to land most of your hits and maybe hit the flying head two or three times in a row when the opportunity arises. Good luck!


Review - Psycho Dream is another one of these obscure Super Famicom action games which make people like me go nuts!

As usual, I found this one while I was randomly you-tubing for retro Japanese 2D games and as soon as I realized that one of the main characters was a whip-wielding all-leather hottie who can morph into a beautiful yet devastatingly powerful fairy, I was sold…

The more I look at the game, the more I think it looks like a Castlevania clone for PC-98 called Rusty.

Back to Psycho Dream, it’s possible to choose among two characters to progress in this single-player action-platformer which bares more than a similarity to El Viento and to Super Valis IV. And nobody should be surprised since Telenet actually developed Psycho Dream as well as most Valis games.

Psycho Dream is cool, mainly because the oneiric setting brought forth by the dream-like music and the weird backgrounds work well to create a rather unique atmosphere. This is still just a simple action game though, but it has that little something that makes it stand out.

It’s possible (and highly recommended!) to upgrade your character’s powers by collecting floating colored icons that are left behind by defeated enemies. Depending on the color, you’ll upgrade short or long range weaponry, regain health or acquire a better weapon by getting to the next upgrade level.

It should be said that some enemies and especially bosses are much tougher if you get to them without having evolved (or upgraded) to the maximum level. This shouldn’t be a problem because enemies drop upgrade icons very often and they keep respawning until you walk out of a level.

Psycho Dreams is rather short (only 6 levels), it provides infinite continues but it is also challenging especially if you end up battling the final boss without being fully upgraded. Still, it is possible to beat the game with the standard weaponry, it will just take a lot longer (to me it took like two hours of intense cursing in many foreign and unpronounceable ancient languages).

Bottom line: In the end, I warmly recommend this game if you want to time-travel back to the 1990s for a short but pleasant diversion. 7/10










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