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Jungle King Tar-Chan: The Great World Tour Brawl

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: bandai - publisher: bandai - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: hard to find

An obscure platform game with off-the-wall humor!


sitting around with monkeys and what not...


After each level, play a game of rock-paper-scissors to try to win extra credits


this lovely lady will scream at you throughout the whole game


Time to swim around in 20 cm of water


drop down to get to the exit of the 4th level


Boss fights are presented in a Street Fighter II formula. Here, fight against Frankenstein while avoiding his green puke and punch him into oblivion.


Level 5 should be the last level. It is super hard to figure out where the exit is...I wasted 11 continues here and could not reach it!


Here, punch the left side of the platform on which you are standing to unlock a passage to the left side of the screen where the orange buttons are


Now jump as high as you can on the left and you will be bounced up like a pinball to the top right side of the screen. Follow that path up to the right and then drop all the way down to reach the last room. How to actually go through that room I could not find out though...

Review - Based on a manga parodying Tarzan, Jungle King Tar-chan is a crazy platformer in the same vein as the Cho-Aniki games.

Here the action is focused on heavy platforming while trying to navigate labyrinthine levels to find the exit.

This game stands out because of its humor which is pervasive, from the macho/ gay-ish poses our hero likes to indulge into to the funny music and sound effects.

Despite the funny looks, this game is rather challenging, except for the easy boss fights. I played this game for a couple of days straight but I could not manage to find the exit to the last level, no matter what I did. If somebody figures it out, please let me know!

Bottom line: if you feel like trying a demanding platform game with heavy emphasis on exploration, sprinkled with hilarious Japanese humor, you should look no further. This game will surely deliver! 7/10










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