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Iron Commando aka Koutetsu no Senshi

version: jp - year: 1995 - developer: arcade zone - publisher: poppo - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very

A European game released only in Japan, a bit like Rendering Ranger.


Here, the waves are animated beautifully.


Time to shoot down enemies or simply run over them!


The last boss is a huge robot with extending arms and a devastating laser beam fired form his eyes.


The end...


Gotta love those haircut!

Review - Obscure and gorgeous fighting game developed by Arcade Zone (previous work Legend).

This side-scrolling beat'em up came out as late as 1995, and it squeezes the SFC hardware to the last bit. Huge, super detailed sprites, beautifully drawn and varied backgrounds, inventive bosses, super fast chasing scenes with all kinds of vehicles, and a pumping soundtrack. What else to ask for?!

Unfortunately, gameplay tends to be a bit on the cheap side, because enemies have basically only one strategy to attack: they invariably surround you to then beat you to unconsciousness. Despite what I have been reading on the net though, this is not such a big issue at all because you can easily grab enemies and throw them on the same side of the screen to then beat the crap out of them in bundle!

I also read complaints about how supposedly underpowered your attacks are but I didn't find this to be true at all. Collecting all kinds of weapons like bats, shotguns, machineguns etc will boost your attack power so in the end, I think that Iron Commando not only looks and sounds amazing, but it also plays well.

Bottom line: In a word, this is much better than any of the versions of Final Fight for the Super Famicom. Get it if you can find it, you surely won't regret it!! 8/10










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