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Ghost Chaser Densei aka Denjin Makai

version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: winkey soft - publisher: bandai - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: hard to find

An elusive Super Famicom side-scrolling fighter with a beautiful color manual full of awesome artwork.


Two on one? No problem, just grab your opponents to slam them onto one another and power up your attacks to deliver major damage!


The ending sequence is different depending on the character you complete the game with.


Review -Ported from the admittedly attractive original 1993 coin op game, this Super Famicom version manages to recapture the spirit of the arcades, at the cost of downgraded graphics.

If you never saw Denjin Makai in the arcades, you probably would not care and you might be perfectly fine with what is on offer here. The fact is that the arcade pcb is hard to come by and expensive but the Mame Rom isn't! It suddenly becomes hard to recommend this version of the game unless you are a Super Famicom completist.

What makes Ghost Chaser interesting though is the amount of special moves you can perform by powering up and releasing extra damage to the opponents. Also, the combination attacks you can unleash if playing with a friend represent a nice twist and make the game more fun to play. Slowdown remains a problem though, especially when there are a few enemies on the screen and a couple of explosions on the side...

Also, I didn't quiet understand why weapons are so much underused. You get the chance to use an awesome laser sword, a futuristic machine gun and a knife, ONCE in the entire game...why? What's the matter here? They designed the weapons and even put them in the game but they don't let you use them? In this respect, Iron Commando does a much better job at providing you with plenty of weapons to use.

Bottom line: an entertaining but toned down coin op port, which remains fun if played with a friend. 7/10










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