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GS Mikami aka Ghost Sweeper Mikami

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: natsume - publisher: banalex - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find

Developed by the talented Natsume


The artwork is very good...


just like the many frames of animations...


the zombie infested train is a cool level


After each level, the statue acquires a new item


bosses aren't hard...


The shooter level looks gorgeous although handling is a bit unresponsive. A sexier Cotton at last!


the oniric last level where anything can (and will) happen!


Review - Based on a popular comedy/horror manga, Ghost Sweeper Mikami is a playable and very accessible Valis clone with beautifully hand-drawn graphics, gorgeous animations, superb music and tight controls.

Playing as Reiko Mikami, you'll be slashing, shooting and jumping a lot in this game and there are also a couple of great levels which change the pace of the action completely.

In one, you'll be miniaturized and you'll end up on a huge cat while negotiating all kinds of obstacles and enemies. In another level, you'll be riding a broom while shooting your way through.

The last level is set inside a dream and is totally surrealistic. You'll be meeting some of the supporting characters and one of them (Tadao Yokoshima, or Reiko's assistant) will lasciviously jump onto you, grabbing you from your back until you kick him out of the way!

GS Mikami is generally not very hard because of the password system which allows to advance quickly through the game. Despite this, it is a very enjoyable game, beautiful to look at, simple and yet addictive.

Bottom line: Sexy Valis look-alike, with excellent animations, very nice music and forgiving gameplay. A keeper. 8/10










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