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version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: atlus/ai - publisher: atlus/ai - format: super famicom, cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: slight

A decent yet inferior port of the arcade original.

Here, destroy the huge mothership, R-Type style.


The dark side of the moon?


Stealing this ship in level four makes progress much easier since its secondary shot is as powerful as a blackhole! Pound bosses continuously to obtain super fast victory!


Still in control of this awkward but lethal robot...Progress here would be much harder withoutthis guy.


Getting close to face the boss...


getting even closer to face the boss....


Here we are! This one-eyed flower is hard as hell, despite its floreal look...


Getting past this section is super frustrating. get ready to replay it a few times...


Getting some serious fire-power. Here you'll have to dodge walls and enemies in tiny spaces...Try to get through without hitting anything


On the way to the last boss...


Hey, the elephant man! When the door opens, get inside and keep on shooting the eye while dodging missiles from the back...Destroy the boss and you are sent back to level one without an ending or even the credits roll...Talk about a crude ending here hehe anyways, the credits are printed in the manual in case you desperately want to see them.

Review - Decently ported from the coin-op but far from arcade perfect, BlaZeon on Super Famicom is an unusual side-scrolling shooter in which you can launch a Pod onto most enemies to "borrow" their ship.

If you are successful, you'll granted control of the enemy ship until you get hit a few times, after which you will revert back to your original ship. This gimmick is particularly interesting and gives to the game a unique flavor.

Graphically, BlaZeon is nothing to write home about. The parallax scrolling is not as smooth as the arcade original, while some backgrounds look a bit unrefined but in general, the cosmetics are not bad.

The music really enhances the atmosphere of the game though and complements the gameplay flawlessly. In BlaZeon, it is common to have furious moments followed by calm, almost meditative pauses in which the sense of danger and threat of not knowing what onslaught will be coming next will threaten to take over your nerves. In these situations, the music contributes to unsettle, playing with your fears and making the wait even more tense.

BlaZeon is also rather hard. Some sections will take many repeated attempts in order to be successful and stealing the right enemy ship in the right moment will often be the deciding factor between victory or defeat. This strategic element adds to the depth of the experience and will push you to play the game over and over to attempt the best strategy and eventually beat the game.

Bottom line: BlaZeon is an underrated shooter well worth of your time if shooters run deep into your veins! Only for the hardcore! 7,5/10










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