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Zanac x Zanac

version: jp - year: 2001 - developer: compile - publisher: compile - format: playstation, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find














Review - This CD contains 2 vertical shooters: the first one is a port of Zanac, a pretty dated shooter that appeared on NES and MSX2, and the second one is a remixed version for Playstation called Zanac Neo.

I mainly played Zanac Neo and I truely think that as a vertical 2D shooter, things cannot get any better. The game is up there in gaming eden with Soukyugurentai.

The cosmetics are astounding. There is never a stage with less than a layer of parallax scrolling and with practically no slowdown. Unfortunately, many bullets and ennemies will fly directly at your ship, giving you no time for sight seeing.

In the last stage, you will be blasting your way through a zooming tunnel, much like in Blazing Star; the effect is jaw dropping!

The music is pretty nice, and you will probably recognize a touch of The Prodigy thrown in there... But in some rare occassions (like in the title screen for example), your ears will have to endure some very lame little retro tunes. Extremely irritating especially after you lose for the 20th time in a row!

What really sets this game apart from the rest of the crowd is the gameplay. Very classic, very technical, very addictive. It is possible to pick from 3 distinct ships that have their peculiar weapons and handling.

I managed to finish the game (twice actually) after some extensive practice. It is important to chose your weapons well in order to survive the incredibly tough 9th (and last) stage. Even on easy mode, the game gets really tough from the 7th stage on, so you will need to get used to the controls, and to get aquainted with the weapon system to get to see the amazing screenshot saying: “Congratulations! Mission completed. You are the saviour of the Earth.” Just like the golden age of videogaming when cut scenes where non existent! Luckily, you will also be rewarded with a nice art gallery scrolling in the background.

All in all , I guess this game does prove that the playstation hardware can handle 2D just like a Sega Saturn….If you think I am crazy, try this game for yourself!!

Bottom line: maybe the best traditional shooter on playstation...9,5/10










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