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Warrior Blade Rastan vs Barbarian aka Barbarian

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: saffire - publisher: taito - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Barbarian was first published by Titus in the west. Taito adapted it to Japan pretending it was a Rastan sequel.


Powering-up weapons with magic will often give you the necessary boost to win


Backgrounds are partially destructible and can be used as projectiles! To carry larger objects, you'll need to increase your character's stats


Rastan's new haircut is...spiky


Taito added some cool new art but the in-game character design remained unchanged from Barbarian

Review - Warrior Blade Rastan vs Barbarian is a 3D free-roaming fighting game similar in concept to Power Stone.

This means that fighting arenas tend to be pretty big and are structured on various "layers". Often, by destroying a wall or a fence, you'll end up fighting in a new area. Also, many objects like chairs, tables, rocks, pillars can be lifted and used as projectiles...

Each character has a good amount of moves at his disposal ranging from standard punch and kicks to slashes and combos. Magic also plays an important role as it can either be used to throw fire balls and such or to power up your weapons.

The interesting thing about Warrior Blade is that at the end of each battle, if victorious, you'll be granted 5 points to be used to increase your characters stats. Of course, you never have enough points to maximize all of your characteristics so you'll have to focus on some characteristics over others. There is always a trade-off to be made between Strength, Vitality, Magic, Speed etc and whatever you decide to maximize will heavily affect your character. Personally, I boosted strength and Vitality (I was using Rastan) and this seemed good enough to get me to the boss well prepared.

Graphically WarriorBlade looks sharp. Clean textures, convincing 3D engine, nice variety of fighting arenas and decent (but just that) character design.

The sound effects include a generous amount of speech (in English) that details the intricacies of the story as you progress through the quest. The developers really tried to create a story mode that made some sense, instead of the usual blabla about the best fighters in the world that meet up for the ultimate tournament deal.

All in all Warrrior Blade is a good fighting game. It is enjoyable but isn't earth-shattering like other fighting games around. Moreover, I am not really convinced that Taito did the right thing to stick the Rastan name to it. Rastan's legacy should have been used in a much better way, by developing a specific game for it. This game just doesn't feel like a real Rastan sequel. Also on GameCube (includes a 4 players option).

Bottom line: decent 3D 1 on 1 fighter which has little to do with the Rastan series. 7/10











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