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Time Bokan Ippatsu Doronbo

version: jp - year: 1996 - developer: banpresto - publisher: bandpresto - format: playstation, cdrom - condition: near mint - rarity: slight








Review - There aren't many memorable games based on famous anime licenses but this shooter right here is a happy exception.

From the attractive intro to the in-game audio-visuals, Bandai took great care to capture the spirit of the TV series.

Levels might develop first on the foreground layer to then continue on the background layer while the transition will be handled by using Super Famicom-Era pixellated zooming effects!

At one point, after defeating a boss, the screen will freeze as you'll be travelling on a very cool transparent layer of ice which features an awesome-looking parallax effect. Some other times, maybe before confronting a boss on the tip of a deep cliff, you'll see a beautiful waterfall in the distance with storm of birds flying around. This kind of detail is a real plus and it will make you want to play the game over a few times just to see if you missed something out.

About the gameplay, collect a certain number of skulls and you'll be able to temporarily transform into a huge invincible robot. Also, you can activate smart bombs by pressing a button, and release them by pressing another button but if you get hit while the bomb is activated, you'll instantly lose all health while of your powerful vehicle, there will not be much left aside from the bokan trio on a bicycle!

In the end, Time Bokan with its cartoony graphics with big sprites and huge bosses and its classical gameplay peppered with humor represents one of the better games of this kind on Playstation. A bit on the easy side, but definitely worth checking out!

Bottom line: a cute shooter with nice graphics loaded with humor based on the Time Bokan cartoons. 7/10










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